The BotW mod works (kinda)

The BotW multiplayer mod allows players to invite their friends into a game as their own respective Links. Not only do players spawn in wearing whatever clothes they had their Link wear in their own playthroughs, but they can also see players’ animations whenever they open chests or interact with the environment while solving puzzles in a dungeon and fighting enemies. The mod also allows players to explore wherever they want in Hyrule while their party completes other objectives or complete them together Soulsborne-style. You can even commemorate your multiplayer escapades by taking a group photo. Kotaku reached out to PointCrow for comment.

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While the BotW mod’s mere existence is impressive, it still has a couple of kinks to work out. For example, in PointCrow’s first video, the time of day for each player isn’t in sync. Also, whenever a player dies, their Link will A-pose in the sky before respawning, as you can see here. Link’s character model also gets jank whenever multiple Links climb a tree or ride their horses to the same destination.

How the BotW multiplayer mod came into being


According to the YouTube video’s description box, the BotW mod was created by AlexMangue and Sweet, folks who PointCrow reportedly paid a “$10,000 bounty” to develop the mod for him. Hopefully, PointCrow’s already well-publicized and popular creation won’t receive a C&D from Nintendo’s lawyers by the time Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom releases on May 12.