A set of seven leaked images assumed to be concept art for SimCity 5 have surfaced today, along with rumors indicating that the game is 30% of the way through development, and will be released in 2013.

Users at NeoGAF have posted the images as well as a translation from a print edition of German magazine Gamestar, the full text of which, along with the images, appears on a Spanish-language site.

Loosely and imperfectly translated, the details seem to indicate players can look for an increasing level of complexity, detail, and personalization from the next entry in the franchise, as well as more connection to the online, multiplayer sphere. Regions built from multiple players' cities can be susceptible to, for example, fluctuations in the cost of necessary commodities like coal.

Beyond the classic interactions with graphs, metrics, and city councilors, they appear to be introducing a more human element. If unemployment in a Sim City is too high, public parks might fill with homeless. When building infrastructure, construction workers actually appear to do the building. Citizens go shopping, to school, or to work.

Fans have been speculating for a few days now that the "Game Changers" announcement EA is teasing for next week, during GDC, will end up being SimCity 5.


We are reaching out to EA for comment and will update the story with any response.

SimCity 5: Reportaje de GameStar + 7 imágenes [Rincón del Simmer, via NeoGAF]