What Does an Academy Award Winning Director Have to Do with EA's Next Game?

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Have you seen EA's Game Changer site? It's slowly ticking down to a live event that will be unveiling a new game during the Game Developers Conference next week.


Recently there's been a new addition to the ticking clock: Two speakers have been revealed to be at the event. One of these speakers is Academy Award-winning Davis Guggenheim, whose work includes Deadwood, 24, and, of course, An Inconvenient Truth that won him the award.

Scott Harrison, founder and CEO of Charity Water, will also be speaking at the event.

So what does a director/producer of television drama series and biographical films and documentaries have to do with EA's mysterious new game? And what does the man who helms a fundraising platform to help provide safe drinking water have to do with it?

The only hint we currently have from an EA representative when we reached out to them is: "I can confirm that we will have a brand new announcement from one of EA's most beloved franchises." What a hint.

So, EA fans, what is it that you've been wanting most out of EA? It might just be that. Facebook fans are speculating—or hoping—that it's SimCity 5. The whole "changing the world" message could theoretically fit the landscape of the Sims, especially since the last SimCity title emphasized an anti-pollution stance. Let the prognosticating begin!



EA has purchased Sierra and will be making a Homeworld FPS. Guggenheim's there to announce a movie tie-in.