Latest No Man's Sky Update Lets Players Grow Living Spaceships

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The first free No Man’s Sky update of 2020 is here, giving players an all-new way to explore the universe. The “Living Ship” update gives players the ability to discover, nurture, and eventually fly their own procedurally generated living vessels, navigating the spaceways inside unique sentient creatures. It doesn’t get much more sci-fi than that.


Crafting and upgrading a mechanical spaceship is one thing. Growing it from an egg is a completely different thing. I’ve been in love with the idea of riding upon or within massive spacefaring species since back in the days of Dungeons & Dragons’ “Spelljammer” campaign setting. Mechanical ships inherit the darkness of space. Bioships are born to it. Or, in the case of No Man’s Sky, created through a series of ancient Korvax experiments players will uncover on their way toward possessing a living ship of their own.

Like all the living creatures in the game, the living ships are procedurally generated. They cannot be upgraded by traditional means, so players will have to nurture their ship toward the specs they are interested in.

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Hello Games founder Sean Murray goes into greater detail on the Living Ships Update in a lengthy post on the official PlayStation Blog. He also tells players to expect more frequent, smaller content updates to keep pilots occupied between larger ones. Sounds like 2020 is going to be another good year for No Man’s Sky.

Update - 11:41am: Here’s Murray on Twitter explaining how the living ships were sneakily introduced to players over the past week. Pretty cool!

“This last week or two has been a lot of fun for Hello Games and hopefully the community. It all started with a mystery egg...Our weekly community mission was to unlock a mysterious egg shaped object (instead of our more normal weekly content drops) and then things got weird. If you bought an egg and kept it in your ship there was a tiny chance it would begin to whisper, piecing those whispers together led to a planet where the community could find more clues to try and hatch the egg. Late last night through their hard work players began to unlock new features in an experimental build. It was a super lovely moment for the team here and hopefully for the community too.”



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I still dont see how this game is making them any money but hey, Im liking the updates! why cant other devs do this instead of abandoning their games..