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New No Man's Sky Update Lets You Upgrade Your Ship

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Screenshot: Hello Games

Tomorrow, No Man’s Sky will get a new update, called Synthesis, which incorporates long-asked for features and almost 300 bug fixes. It’s not as huge as the last update, but it will make changes to ships, the terrain manipulator, and building.

The last No Man’s Sky update, Beyond, overhauled the game, especially multiplayer. “Beyond was a really nice moment for us, seeing two million players in the seven days after release, and a ton of first time VR players,” Hello Games said in a press release. “Right now we’re working on some really impactful future updates, but we had a whole host of improvements and changes that we knew the community would be excited about.”


Among the improvements Synthesis will bring are the ability to upgrade starships, and to salvage them for parts; changes to the terrain manipulator such as “new visual effects” and the ability to undo changes; and new technologies and parts for building bases. Synthesis will also bring features from the VR version of No Man’s Sky to the non-VR version and vice versa, meaning that VR players will be able to ride creatures and non-VR players will be able to drive vehicles in first person.

While Synthesis is mostly tweaks and bug fixes, Hello Games promises that, cumulatively, the changes are substantial. “It’s called the Synthesis update because it’s a collection of features that create a connected whole,” Hello Games said.