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No Man's Sky Player Builds Concert Hall That Seats A Thousand

Illustration for article titled iNo Mans Sky/i Player Builds Concert Hall That Seats A Thousand

A No Man’s Sky player built a concert hall, and the level of detail is just astounding.


This concert hall in space can seat a thousand, and it’s gorgeous to behold. Player Needred replicated everything a concert hall should have, from scaffolding for lights to the decorated ceiling. I especially like the grand entrance, which leads to two staircases for the lower level and upper level seating. Needred uploaded a video showing off their efforts:

Needred said on Reddit that they’ve been working on this build since the game was still in the No Man’s Sky Next update, which was introduced in July 2018. The amount of items needed to pull off this build has taken a toll on Needred’s framerate, but the concert hall is a remarkable space nonetheless. Maybe one day, No Man’s Sky will be able to support a thousand players at once, and we can sell out the venue while listening to some space beats.

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