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Latest Madden Patch Pays Tribute to Slain QB

Illustration for article titled Latest Madden Patch Pays Tribute to Slain QB

The second patch for EA Sports' Madden NFL 10 adds the tribute helmet sticker Tennessee is wearing for Steve McNair, murdered in the offseason by his deranged mistress. Philadelphia defensive coordinator Jim Johnson also gets the memorial treatment.


Those are the cosmetic changes to the game. Many others are included with the next patch, which hits the PS3 as of now and the Xbox 360 sometime soon.

• Improvements in covering of the flats
• Improved pursuit angles
• CPU takes sacks more often instead of the last second throws while getting hit
• Worked on eliminating various exploits such as with the RB Direct Snap
• Fixing of problems caused by first patch such as black squares for numbers on some helmets
• Addition of Seahawks alternate uniforms
• Tribute sticker for Steve McNair added to Titans helmets
• Tribute sticker for Defensive Coordinator Jim Johnson added to Eagles helmets
• Doubled the length of replays
• Increased frequency of auto-replays especially after touchdowns
• Reduced the number of times the chain-gang measurement scene occurs
• Extended time in post-play to allow those scenes to fully play out
• Stats tuned for franchise mode
• Decreased chances of injury for players with high injury ratings
• Included each player's draft info to be viewable in franchise


The 360 patch is coming later. "Unfortunately, during the certification process for the 360, update issues were found that will prevent it's release this week," said Phil Frazier, a senior producer on Madden. "Assuming all goes well with our new submission, the title update for the 360 should be released this time next week."

Second Patch for Madden 10 Now Available (PS3) [Pasta Padre]

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Paying tribute to a guy who could still be alive if he remained faithful to his wife and children?