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Lacrosse Title Debuts on Xbox Live Indie Channel

Illustration for article titled Lacrosse Title Debuts on Xbox Live Indie Channel

Absolutely, it's an exciting and physical sport. But even lacrosse fans admit the game has a niche following. But lacrosse does have its own video game now, which just went up on Xbox Live yesterday. Suck on that, water polo!


Inside Lacrosse College Lacrosse 2010 hit the Indie Games channel. While it does not feature actual, licensed college lacrosse teams, it does have the title sponsorship of the sport's top magazine in the United States. The game costs 400 Microsoft points, and lets you choose from 60 teams (or create your own side) in single-play action or in a simulated season of up to 14 games with a two-round championship. It features Xbox Live and LAN support, stats tracking and more.

"In the 12 years we've been publishing Inside Lacrosse, there is one topic that's been addressed in letters to the editor, probably more than all the other individual topics combined: When is someone going to produce a lacrosse video game?" Bob Carpenter, the Inside Lacrosse founder, said in a statement announcing the game. "Producing a multi-million dollar game just isn't going to happen for a sport our size, so this Indie format – particularly when it can be played online against others – is the way to go."


The game is the product of a year's worth of development begun by Dundee, Scotland studio Triple B Games and Carlo Sunseri, a Pittsburgh-area businessman and lacrosse coach. College Lacrosse 2010.

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It isn't even a real sport.