Kotaku Talk Radio: The Console Wars

With price drops hitting the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 are we seeing the beginning of a new console war? Catch the debate featuring live calls from Kotaku readers.

Also tune in to listen to Owen Good gripe about why he hates pre-order bonuses. Hear AJ Glasser sing the praises of Batman Arkham Asylum. Discover what Ashcraft had for dinner. It's all here in our newest podcast.


If you missed the live call-in show you can stream the full episode right here or download the show from the link below. If you're a fan of the iPod you can also check out our show on iTunes where a subscription is a must.

Co-Hosts: Mike McWhertor, Brian Crecente
Music: Jonathan Coulton

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Console Wars
Batman Arkham Asylum Review
Pre-order extras
Jonathan Coulton

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