PAX 2008 Concerts - The One-Ups, Freezepop and Jonathan Coulton (I hope)

It's late, I'm tired and the last thing I really want to hear right now is a Theremin solo by Freezepop – but since the other 1800 people in this room can't seem to get enough, they've come back onstage for a two-song encore that'll push Jonathan Coulton back by another half hour at least. I mean I know they're in every Harmonix music game ever, but do they really need to destroy my ears with a quasi-Hendrix Star Spangled Banner rendition? The One-Ups did well, as usual. And if I can keep my eyes open and my nose shut (this place smells like one giant sweaty fart), maybe – just maybe – I'll get to hear Still Alive before the night's out. In the meantime, I've got fuzzy concert pictures that depict just how crowded, bright and insane it is here tonight at PAX 2008. I don't know how the Minibosses are going to follow this act tomorrow night. Bonus points if you can guess which ones were taken with man friend's iPhone…


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