And that’s it! All the entries are in and after looking through all of them, I think one thing is clear: the events of WWII have been terribly misunderstood.

Congrats to this week’s winner: Ravel. What can I say, I love me some War Horse. He single-hoofedly won the first great war, so why not bring him out of retirement for round two? Games only continue to struggle with plumbing the emotional depths of love and war because they’ve never married the two with a beloved, four-legged animal.

The rest of these powerful photoshops are below. You’ll never look upon the tragedy that claimed millions the same way again. In fact, I don’t think we even need to play Activision’s new World War II game after witnessing the horrors embedded in last week’s call for entries.


Thanks again to everyone for making this latest contest resounding success and come back tomorrow to checkout next week’s theme. And congratulations to Ravel who was a first time entrant!

Carakav Hear no WW2, see no WW2, speak no WW2.

Ganonthegreat1 put together some really good war effort propaganda. “Shoot the Gerries! Catch’em all!”

Sorry theomeganerd I don’t see it.

TigerNemesis “The only other extravagant character worthy of being in a war helmet.”

Stefano Pascualetti “Gendo doing field work.”

coronawithlime “Facing the horrors of WWII.”

amazingmao couldn’t resist.

sciteach knows that all of the standard issue helmets for WWIII will come with toupees.

Morden calls it dog looks a cupcakes I think.

OPT1CS naturally wants to time travel back to before games utterly exhausted WWII.

MrDeadScott “excellent.”

Darkest Timeline Zack Morris reminded me what all the great WWII movies are missing.

Jooki merely says what we’re all feeling.

Mr.Sour knows how the war was won.

Freffo went with Ronaldo’s statue because who wouldn’t want to be able to repel bullets with a facial camp.

Phobos824 gets cute.

Saguri knows Luigi is the baddest ass around.

Mrichston actually through together a game I would totally play.

LeetElite’s entry reminds us never to march to war behind Sean Bean.

spiderluke83 imagines what the greatest generation should have looked like.

It took me a bit to realize Captain Mold was working off of Mass Effect and now I’m only slightly less creeped out.