When I said last week that I expected our 'Shop Contest to set a record for entries, I wasn't kidding around. Neither were you. Your revisionist warnings for the Nintendo 3DS comprised one of our most popular contest features ever. Somehow, we whittled more than 700 entries down to a worthy 20.

Check out the original post to see what everyone was working with, and to scan more than 700 hilarious submissions, many of them earning readers a star.

Among our Chosen 20, ninchilla's Yoda-Baby (14) and Claw's Magneto-Baby (5) are nice one-liners that get the nod. Many went the Om Nom Nom route, but Soren121's Domo-kun (16) was particularly apropos. uinku (18) was the only to pick up on the warnings' obvious visual parallel with Zero Punctuation.

nerfwarrior's constructive criticism (13) is appreciated; so is ಠ_ಠ's assault on Navi. KaiserSpiegel (11) whacks Nintendo's OG annoying character, Asshole Dog. boopadoo's ohai Chris Hansen (3) was the best among the usual pedo entries. Dethgar (6) and wooki (19) took risks with political jokes and pulled them off well. Rokeden (15) was first on the Clippy joke; TheRyuujinMike (17) was best on Space Invaders.


Picking a winner was no easier than narrowing this down to 20. digimope (7) spent a hell of a long time on his story of a giant radioactive baby. JimThePea (10) nailed what I thought the first time I saw that ridiculous chain on the power adapter. ceilingFANBOY (4) was first and best on the Gremlins Rules.

But for my money, I've got to go with Bastard11's outstanding "Do Not Play the 3DS at a Funeral" warning (2), making use of all the right components from the exploitable gallery to tell a great story with an awesome punchline. One of the finest entries I've seen in more than a year's worth of contests.

Congratulations, all. And thanks to everyone who entered. We saved the 'Shop Contest.


1) aibyouka-kun


2) bastard11

3) boopadoo


4) ceilingFANBOY

5) Claw


6) Dethgar

7) Digimope


8) elratauru

9) jimmy_jazz


10) JimThePea

11) KaiserSpiegel


12) Kellen

13) nerfwarrior


14) ninchilla

15) rokeden


16) theryuujinmike

17) uinku


18) wooki

19) ಠ_ಠ