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Brian's repeated use of "Fruit Fucker" in headlines - Kotaku Originals, no less! - this week will be a watershed moment in my development here. Sort of like the time my father made the mistake of laying down guidelines for "acceptable" swearing when I was 11. Yeah. No putting the genie back in the toothpaste tube once your pre-pubescent son launches his first parentally guided F-missile (I claimed the "under duress" exemption). With that example of permissive child rearing, thank God there were no M-rated games in 1984. I might have grown up to be something truly reprehensible, like a boxing promoter or a congressman.


Where the fuck were we? Oh yes, our originals coverage. Here it is. Another big week in Kotakopolis. Enjoy.

Be the King of Kotaku Commenters

Interview: Pachter Says Console Sales Still OK, But Expect Holiday Price Drops

SCEA Has No Plans To Offer Sixaxis Bundles In North America

Lunchtime With The Brothers Chap: Strong Bad's Creators Speak And Eat

No Place For Hideo: MGS 4's Hidden Themes

Rumor: Details On Sony's Motion Controls, No "Break-Apart"

Frankenreview Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots

Return of the Game Club

Gunmetal PS3: The Unboxing

Do We Have Our First Rock Band II Artist?

Checking Out Rise of the Argonauts

Spore's Fruit Fucker, Or Why I Love the Creature Creator

Stan Lee, Ellijah Wood, Carlos Santana... and Crecente Duke it Out With Spore's Creature Creator

Our Metal Gear Solid 4 Review In Beta, Pushed Back

Bangai-O Spirits Circumvents DS Codes, Blows Minds

Get Paid To Comment and Ban

Hideo Kojima At NYC's Metal Gear Solid 4 Midnight Launch

Metal Gear Solid 4 Japan Launch - Osaka

Early Impressions: Crash - Mind Over Mutant On Wii

Early Impressions: Ghostbusters

Become Kotaku's Next King of Comments

The Incredible Hulk Review: The Beast Within

Take-Two Gets Into FTC Pissing Match

Metal Gear Solid Twin 'Staches!

Zelnick: Take-Two Experimenting With Microtransactions

More Details On Portal 2's Bad Guy

Interview: Turbine Confirms Console Project, Talks Future Plans

Impressions: My Pokemon Ranch

Interview: Flagship Studios On Life After Hellgate Launch

Hands On With Eternity's Child

Ninja Gaiden II Review: Swan Song or Death Knell?

Pachter: GTA IV So Did Not Drive Console Sales

Rumor: Casting Call Reveals Portal 2 Details?

Metal Gear Mustache Maniacs!

Digital Legends Bring 3D Fantasy To The iPhone

Pangea Bringing Enigmo And Cromag Rally To iPhone

Want to buy Metal Gear Solid 4? Head to Kuwait.


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