Rumor: Details On Sony's Motion Controls, No "Break-Apart"

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An anonymous industry source has told Kotaku that reports of a "break-apart" motion controller for the PlayStation 3 that splits into two parts are not entirely accurate.

The control system, said the source, actually consists of a smaller-sized device that can attach to the body - and multiple devices are intended to be used in concert, such as wearing two on the hands to move a character's hands in-game, or four, on hands and feet at the same time to move a character's body.


Though the source admits the technology might have evolved since the last time it was seen, the source disputes the idea that any of these pieces merge to form a single controller. It is also unclear how the individual pieces will be packaged, whether individually or in sets.

Sony declined to comment on "speculation."

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I knew the breakapart thing had to be false. It just seemed too similar to Nintendo's prototype. Which would cause trouble, as it wouldn't suprise me if Nintendo patented the prototype. Companies sit on unused patents all the time.