Kotaku Originals: Shorn Free

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Hope everyone's had a good chance to fan themselves and hose off following Thursday's introduction to Grace Kim, the former Activision PR rep turned Guitar Hero Rock Band vixen in this month's Playboy. Remember a while back, the survey that asked if anybody's played video games in the nude? Apparently Grace does. So, my hair — sacrificed in my vain attempt to arouse Grace's shaved-head fetish — is growing back, and we're getting on with life here in Kotakopolis. Well, at least, once Fahey gets back from therapy after finishing Dead Space for his powerhouse review. Also, for those who remember the great Kezins stampede last Saturday, I'm happy to report Mr. Juandrful and company are back online. Here's a look back at the week in original reporting, highlights here, more on the jump. Dead Space Review: True Stories Of Space Horror Activison's Ex is Now Playboy's Miss November (And She Prefers Rock Band!) Wii Music Review: Jam With The Bland Midnight Club Los Angeles Review: The Fast And The Infuriating Frankenreview: Fable II Frankenreview: Far Cry 2 (Xbox 360)Europe Gets A NINTH 360 Bundle, This Time With Call Of Duty Burt Reynolds Doing You're in the Movies TV Ads New 360 Bundle Is The Biggest Bundle Of Them All World Of Goo Review: Fun Bounces Off Me And Sticks To You Vivendi Games, End Me, End Me Please Cute Japanese Sticker Gals Plus GUNS Mad Catz Rock Band Fender Bass - The Best Rock Band Bass Lips Soundtrack, Gameplay Details, Platform Plans Revealed Japan Getting Another Xbox 360 Value Pack LucasArts Massive Reveal: The Liveblog Rumor: E3 2009 To Bring Back The Crowds, Maybe The Spectacle


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So with all the games coming out, are you guys just going to do one huge Frankenreview, averaging all of them? I think it makes sense with Haaaaalloweeeeen coming up.

Also, don't keep the baldness. Wouldn't want a Seinfeld-like receding hairline incident to upset you when your hair grows back.