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The Top 50 Cosplay Cleavage Shots [Updated]

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Well, it's noon, that means we can break out the porn. I have to wonder what Juan over at Kezins is doing in his spare time, if he has room for this kind of research. Actually, check that, I don't want to visualize what Juan does in his spare time.

Anyway, he's put together a gallery of the 50 best cosplay cleavage shots - which is a lot harder than googling "cosplay cleavage" with moderate safesearch off. (I know, I tried.) I just can't not show you this. So, even though there is no nipple, this is NSFW, NSFgirlfriend in the room, NSFviewing at the kitchen table because your moms moved the computer there after she found and deleted your stash, all that. Three others on the jump, with a link the whole shootin' match. Update: Kezins crashed [10/26: SINCE REPAIRED]. I tried giving you a cached site but that didn't work. But have no fear! Heather, our friend in the first picture, sent two others (she wasn't too happy with the one we chose. Says it was 4 years old). And so here you are. Everyone say nice things to Heather or I will kick your asses. Don't ask how, dammit, just sit there and be threatened and enjoy these pictures. The second one is on the jump.


Heather has a profile at if you want to check it out. (Please don't crash that server too.)


The 50 Best Cosplay Cleavage Pics [Kezins]