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Ah, Thanksgiving week, when America does what it does best — chow down and then go to the mall to spend dough it doesn't have.


Yes, Black Friday, another back alley craps game Wall Street can't wait to rob. We still cooked up the USRDA of original reporting, despite the fact this is a shortened week for the U.S. based writers (those un-Americans Bash, Luke and Stuart were still clocking in.) We rounded out our gaming guides, doled out the bargain hunting advice, served up a podcast and cooking show with Crecente, and still had room for the corporate WTFery you see all year — such as Ninty's new/not-new logo and Eidos' Category 5 facepalm over the Wii Tomb Raider bug.

I'm your host as usual for the weekend report, but seeing as how I fart giblets every time I shift my weight, I'm going to spend half of it in tryptophan recovery and half of it with you. Good thing we don't blog in Smell-o-Vision. Here's some highlights of the past week, with the full list on the jump.

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