If this were 2006, and you asked Capcom whether they'd be developing games for a new version of the DS - even one new to the market - they'd have said "Uh, yes". Pity this isn't 2006, then. Because it appears that the DSi - despite selling well in its first weeks on sale - is yet to convince one of the DS's biggest supporters it's worth developing for. Asked during their Q2 financial results briefing Q&A whether the Ace Attorney publisher would be releasing games to specifically take advantage of the DSi, Capcom President Haruhiro Tsujimoto replied:

As the Nintendo DSi was just released recently, Capcom would like to see the response of users in the future and respond to that. We select the console based on our game concept. Therefore, after analyzing the sales situation and user trends for Nintendo DSi, if we have some contents suitable for the console, we will consider it.


Not a "yes". Not even a "probably". A "if it does well, maybe we'll think about it". Hardly a vote of confidence.

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