Kotaku Originals: Make It a Blockbuster Week

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Epic week for the KO-riginals, friends. And this is just the runup to E3. Only next week could make this week's avalanche of fresh reported copy pale in comparison. Lots of pre-E3 leaks and reportage dominated Originals, not to mention Leigh digging into the bitchslap handed Jack Thompson to tell us he faces a fat fine, and Bash's hee-larious translation smash of the faek Wii HD. It was a lively half fortnight of reporting in Kotakopolis, refresh yourself with these highlights (and more after the jump.)


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2.41 Firmware Brings New PS3 Platinum Trophy

Hands-On The Force Unleashed Impressions

Xbox 360 Price Drop Already In Effect At Target Stores?

Motus: It's Up To The Console-Makers To Make Motion Control Announcements

The PC At E3 - The Keyboard And Mouse Brigade

Kotaku's Pre-E3 Party

Circuit City To Offer $30 Gift Card With Price Dropped 360

Activision Blizzard Merger Finalized

Riot Games Get a $7M Launch

Microsoft Denies Motion Control Revealed Via Banjo Kazooie Preview

The E3 2008 Kotaku Fantasy Betting Pool

Frankenreview: Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution

Thompson: Judge Recommends Permanent Disbarment

EA's Steve Schnur Explains The Hype Behind The Madden Soundtrack

What's Coming From Microsoft At E3?

How's Wii Skate It? We Skate It To Find Out

Game Club Beyond Good & Evil: Discussion One

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E3: Dud or a Blast?



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