Motus: It's Up To The Console-Makers To Make Motion Control Announcements

This morning, Motus Games officially unveiled its Darwin motion controller on its website, with videos including one showing the Darwin being used as a lightsaber with LEGO Star Wars. It had us wondering - is this the long-rumored Xbox 360 motion controller?


"We're leaving it to the console-makers and publishers to announce whatever they want to announce," said Motus chairman Satayan Mahajan. "There's a lot of rumor — some of it true, some of it not true."

"A few companies approached us and asked us to be an enabler for their motion technology... in a role like [Gyration's relationship with Nintendo]. Others have said, 'we want you to build something that looks like the Darwin controller.'"

Mahajan was unable to specify who Motus was working with or which console-makers and publishers could be expected to make an announcement, but said it might be a few months until announcements of Darwin-integrated titles surfaced.

"Console-makers need motion-based control, and for publishers it makes sense too... they invest a lot of money in these Wii titles while not reaping the benefit on other platforms. We're happy we're a part of that."


We've contacted Microsoft for comment and have yet to receive reply.

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