Is This Xbox 360's Motion Controller in Action?

Darwin is definitely not a Microsoft product, but it's also definitely an Xbox 360 motion controller.

Motus Games' Darwin was officially unveiled this morning on their website, the light saber-esque controller snaps in two uses a number of sensors to track where it is. It does this, according to the company, without the use of the IR receiver that the Wii uses. Motus claims it is far more accurate than the Wii Remote. The device may also work on the Playstation 3, though the developers are being deliberately vague about that.


There's still a lot more we don't know about the device than we do know about it. According to the site, which makes no mention of working with Microsoft, the Darwin isn't ready for sale yet bit is "currently making its way into the hands of developers and publishers" and they're expecting it will hit stores in less than a year.

The devices two units are packed with buttons. The top controller includes a power button, left, right arrows, D-pad, A button, wireless connection and battery indicator and upper and lower triggers. The bottom controller has a power button, left, right arrows, analog controller, upper and lower triggers and wireless and batter indicator. Both include straps.

The site also shows the device in action, playing with Lego Star Wars II, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008 and Harry Potter V: The Order of the Phoenix. Hit the jump to watch the device in action.


Is this the device we've been hearing rumors about? Not sure, but I kinda hope not. It's just too complex looking for my taste. We've asked Microsoft for comment.

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