Kotaku Originals: Five-Second Drop

This week the editor-mans went on the teevee and repeatedly stumbled over the 5-second pause. Filthy-mouth Kotakus need one, y'know. Hell, if I did X-Play, they'd tape delay me like the 1981 NBA Finals.


Elsewhere in original reportage, the studios might be a-firing, but we're a-hiring — at least in the free labor sense, with our be-an-editor for a day (for free) contest. And if that's not a Tom Sawyer paint-the-fence bargain, I've never heard one. Hey, it's a shitbag economy, we all gotta chip in.

The news:

... ... ... Crecente Talks 2008 on X-Play
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Aspyr Confirms Layoffs, Sources Say As Much As A Third
Free Radical Shuts Down
Rumor: Free Radical In A Whole Lot Of Trouble?
Midway To Lay Off 25% Of Staff, Austin Studio Closing
Update: Layoffs Continue to Beleaguer Remaining Midway Staff
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A Beary Atlus Christmas Card
Video: Let's Read Famitsu With Us!
DJ Tiësto's Management Says He's Not In Activision's DJ Hero
Rock Band M.I.C. Review: The Cost Of Convenience
Rumor: Aspyr Hit With Layoffs?
Resident Evil 5 Co-op Event Part The Second: The “New” Stuff
Wii Is A "Viable Platform" For Mature Games, Says Take-Two
Valkyria Chronicles Review: World War II Gets a Girlie Makeover
Konami Confirms iPhone Metal Gear
SuperVillain Says Happy Holidays... Or Else!
Metal Gear Solid 4 Sackboys (Yes, Plural), Level Pack Arriving Soon
Midway Boss Explains Lay-Offs, Austin Studio Closure To Rank And File
I Love Katamari Micro-Review: I Don't Love Katamari
And On The Third Day, The Giant PSP Was Risen...
Splash Damage Wishes Tapirs a Happy Humbug
A Raving, Rabid Spike VGAs TV Party
Sony Wishes For Peace On Our LittleBigPlanet
iPhone Elemental Liquid Edition Gaming Case Review: Metal Gear Liquid


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