Free Radical Shuts Down

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UK developer Free Radical Design, the team behind Haze and the Time Splitters franchise, have closed their doors, apparently permanently, according to a number of inside sources.


The sources confirmed to Kotaku earlier reports that employees were locked out of their offices today in Nottingham. A meeting held later in the day ending with the closure of the independent developer, sources say.

While the shut down was a surprise to some within the company, it sounds like it wasn't to all. We've heard that some Free Radical Design employees were jumping ship in the week or two leading to today's news.

Free Radical's last game, Haze, was widely received as a mediocre game, but the company was working on a follow up for their popular TimeSplitters franchise and rumored to be working on a Star Wars: Battlefront game for LucasArts.

Sources say that the company recently lost the development deal for the LucasArts project, something that could have led to this end of year shut down.



*goes off to cry & mourn TS4*