DJ Tiësto's Management Says He's Not In Activision's DJ Hero

Illustration for article titled DJ Tiëstos Management Says Hes Not In Activisions DJ Hero

Oops! Looks like the "newsletter" that did the rounds a few weeks back, purporting to "reveal" that Dutch disc jockey DJ Tiësto would feature in Activision's DJ Hero, was a load of baloney.

A statement since issued by Tiësto's people seeks to distance the DJ from the game. Apparently the "newsletter" was in fact a "fictitious news item", and that, on the record, "Tiësto has never given a quote regarding DJ Hero".


Tiësto fans can cling to the fact they never actually deny his involvement in the game.

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Holy hell, i hadn't heard the rumor. I was pushing DJ Hero to the curb, but if Tiësto will be in there, it will be in my collection. Now, if not, i'll pirate a copy and burn it (...with fire, after i make a copy, so yes... both meanings) just out of spite.