Kotaku Originals: Enhanced Bar Dissment

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Big newsy week round these here parts of Kotakopolis. Lucasarts celebrated Lego Indiana Jones by pinkslipping a shitload of coders. Jack Thompson stomped out of his big parent-teacher conference and missed hearing a judge read the preamble to his professional obituary. Crecente and ESA's head rapped about the trade org's problems, namely big-name members walking out. Also developments in the big "Will and For Whom Will Take-Two Put Out?" saga. In all, a lot of stuff that had Kotaku's crack staff - special hat tip to News Editor Leigh Alexander - making phone calls, pulling docs and getting it all put together fast against the deadline. The week in Kotaku original reporting, with more after the jump, because there was lots.


Edit: Yes I changed the headline. I agonized for hours over how to pun that one, and it just now came to me. Carry on.

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Fishy Copies Of MGS4 Already In British Hands

EA, FTC Agree On Take-Two Bid Deadline, Another Extension Likely

Frankenreview, Lego Indiana Jones (Xbox 360)

TECMO: Itagaki's Last Day is July 1, Team NINJA Still Developing

Sony Make In-Game Ad Deal Official

Tecmo Responds To Itagaki

Guitar Hero: Metallica Doesn't Affect Rock Band's Plans

Resident Evil 5 Not Redesigned After Race Criticism, Says Producer

In "Creatively Dead" Industry, Change Comes From The Outside

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"Bar Dissment" - it was worth the wait, Owen.