Kotaku Originals — DSi: Tokyo

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Busy week in Kotakopolis, which began with the run-up and expectations-setting for the Tokyo Game Show, and Ninty's palms-up, who-us denial of the DSi. That of course was followed by, sooprise, the official announcement of the DSi, which allows you to double your cretinous antisocial behavior by pirating games via its SD slot while you snap upskirt subway pics with its 0.3 megapixel camera. Swrrt. Highlights here, more on the jump: Get A Good, Close Look At The DSi AC/DC Rock Band is Wal-Mart Exclusive Afterall Thompson Won't Fight Disbarment in Florida Real Naked Lady Invades Rise of the Argonauts Sony Booth Will Have 14 Unannounced Titles Playable At TGS Does Survival Horror Really Still Exist?Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone Review: A Battle Hard Won A Talk with LucasArts: On Plagues, Reviews and Internal Development Here's Your Kotaku (Video) Podcast (Maybe) What Koei Is Bringing To TGS Drum Training: And the Beat Goes On de Blob Review: Painting A Very Pretty Picture DSi Not Bound For U.S. Until Well Into Next Year The Man Behind Marvel Movie Magic Hopes To Do the Same For Gaming The Sackboys of AMUSEMENT Let's Compare The DS Lite and the DSi Nintendo Re-Releasing GameCube Games On Wii, Pikmin's First Nintendo's New Wii Games: Punch-Out, Another Code, Sin & Punishment 2, Dynasty Warriors Save Wii Games Direct To SD Card (Starting Spring 2009) Nintendo Announce New DS: The Nintendo DSi Binned Fable II CE Contents Back As Free Downloads Best Buy Ad Featuring Gears 2 RC Tank Pure Review: Pure Fun Frankenreview: Silent Hill: Homecoming New Wii, New DS, New Accessories? What do you think Nintendo Will Announce Tonight Hands On With the iPhone's First Fantasy Action Game Animated Resident Evil Movie First Screening At TGS Silent Hill: Homecoming Review: Hello, Zombie Nurse EA Axes Tiberium For Not Meeting Standards Guess What Konami's Bringing To TGS... New Campaign, Characters Coming to The Force Unleashed LEGO Universe Already in Some Gamers' Hands LEGO Batman The Video Game Review: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Nintendo: New DS Story Didn't Come From UsHey Microsoft, Bulgaria Is Not Germany, Japan or Korea!!



Personally, I hope the DSi isn't bound for the US at all. The DSLite is my perfect console and adding a crappy camera and SD slot doesn't seem too appealing to anyone.

My cellphone takes way better pictures. Swrrt.