Real Naked Lady Invades Rise of the Argonauts

Illustration for article titled Real Naked Lady Invades Rise of the Argonauts

Codemasters has teamed up with men's magazine Front and one of their models to put together a collection of quasi Not Safe For Work wall paper. The images feature former Cyber Girl of the Year Alex Sim-Wise in a set of provocative poses that have been digitally enhanced with imagery from the upcoming action role-playing game set to hit the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 this autumn. The images are part of a six-page feature published in this month's FRONT magazine that hit stands today. "The shoot was super rad," says Alex Sim-Wise. "I'm massive gaming geek – so taking down the incredible bosses from Rise of the Argonauts was definitely my cup of tea. The results of the shoot are incredible. So much so I've been jumping around since, casting flames from my hands. Although, I did accidentally set light to a small cat." The images are safely locked behind the jump and very much NSFW, so don't blame me if you get fired.Full-sized, unfishy, images can be found here.

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somethings kinda awkward about her body...

oh well! i still don't know what this game is and dont really care about it, sorry advertisement firm!