Kotaku Off-Topic: Free the Indianapolis 500

There are only two state anthems I know. "My Old Kentucky Home," sung on the first Saturday of May, and "Back Home Again in Indiana," sung on the last Sunday. I've lived in neither of those states.

Edit: A reader points out that "On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away" is actually Indiana's state song, although "99 percent of Hoosiers think 'Back Home Again in Indiana.' is the state song." Ninety-nine percent of Hoosiers probably also think Jim Nabors is the governor.

Both songs kick off the most venerable events in their sport in the U.S. - The Kentucky Derby and the Indianapolis 500. (These are also major sports that lack any licensed video game). And they bookend a month that in North America, would otherwise would be as nondescript as February for its lack of championship events (no golf or tennis majors, no collegiate titles.) I've tried following European football, which decides its champions in this month, but it's one bandwagon I've been unable to fully jump thus far.

Anyway, I've no idea who's driving at the Brickyard today, who qualified first, or who is the favorite. But I'm sure I'll tune in. The drone of high performance engines is a soothing accompaniment for a long afternoon nap on the couch.

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