Kotaku Joins The Bonus Round To Chat About The Future Of Game Controls

Last Friday, we sat down with GameTrailers' Geoff Keighley, Shane Satterfield and Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter to discuss the future of video game interfaces, from the Wii Vitality Sensor to Microsoft's Project Natal. Someone taped it!

In part one of our Bonus Round discussion, Keighley, Pachter, Satterfield and I touch on the Xbox 360's Project Natal as a menu interface device, the prospects of Facebook and Twitter on consoles, Macs versus PCs, and more.


There's even quick mention of Pachter's "retarded" wife and my use of the words "novelty factor" in close relation to the Wii. Damn you, Keighley, for putting words in my mouth! (Please note, however, that I did not laugh during initial mention of the Wii's latest peripheral, then greatly anticipate my assessment of the device's capabilities in a future episode.)

See if you disagree or vehemently disagree with our thoughts on the future of video game interfaces, then feel free to suggest that I wash my hair more often, especially prior to appearing on camera.

Bonus Round: Episode 306 - Part 1 [GameTrailers.com]


Bonus Round is getting annoying with Pachter being on it all the time. I just started watching Invisible Walls, and it's alot better then Bonus Round.