Killer Gets Two Life Sentences in Xbox-Motivated Murder

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A Colorado Springs teen who killed a developmentally disabled man - investigators said he wanted the guy's Xbox - will spend the rest of his life in prison for it.

Kyle Sebastian Stott, 19, killed Jason Holley 22, in January 2009, hiding his body in a ravine near a hiking trail west of Colorado Springs. At his sentencing Thursday, a judge handed him two life terms without the possibility of parole.

""He trusted you. He would have given you anything, and he did," Judge Deborah Grohs said of Holley. "You could have taken the Xbox and he never would have told anybody. … He was trying to be normal, and be a buddy, or one of the guys."


Grohs' levied a severe sentence because of Holley's status as an "at-risk adult." The judge said Stott participated in "murder for sport" whose only purpose was "bragging rights."

Another man also was charged in the murder and is scheduled for trial in August.

Springs Teen Gets Life for Murdering Man "for Sport" [The Gazette, Colorado Springs, via Hot Blooded Gaming. Image via KOAA-TV]

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WTF? only in USA, how can you give a lifetime to a 19 yrs old kid?

While dirty terrorists having fun on tax payers dime. (Just watch any news from Guantanmo, they have game consoles, classes, special meals, air conditioners and more).

In normal democratic country he would get 12 to 20 years tops, and its enough to teach him a lesson.

He killed someone, but closing him for life wont make our life better, young people like him have to be re-educated.

Im not liberal (god forbid) but this is too much.