Track: Running In The Sky | Artist: Huh Gak | Album: 1st Mini Album
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It’s hard to imagine another song that fits so well with its title; when you listen to Running In The Sky, it’s easy to picture yourself above the clouds, soaring and leaping your way through the air.


Huh Gak is another Korean singer who rose through fame through a survival competition, much like Akdong Musician or Ulala Session. In this case, he competed in — and won — Mnet’s Superstar K2, one of the country’s biggest audition programs.

Running In The Sky is one of Huh Gak’s more hopeful and energetic tracks; later in his career, he would start to favor more melancholic love ballads, like The Person Who Once Loved Me and I Can Only Say I Want To Die (very uplifting, right?) which are fantastic songs in their own right.

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