Jay-Z's Getting Into Games?

A brief aside in an upscale mag's profile of hip-hop performer, impresario (and Beyoncé spouse) Jay-Z mentions he might be turning his attention to a video game project.

"He is relaxing after a typically jam-packed day that included a photo shoot, an interview, and a meeting about his potential involvement in a forthcoming video game," writes BestLife magazine, which if it didn't mention its ties to Men's Health would sound like a supplemental to the Sunday Parade.


It's doubtful this means move over, Fiddy. I don't see Jay-Z starring as a character in his own game, unless it's some sort of Godfather II-style empire builder where you rack up recording labels, clubs, sports franchises and booze distilleries. He's probably talking about producing a game, or maybe backing a studio? In any case, the man has one of the strongest business senses of any A-list performer out there, so it will be interesting to see if this leads anywhere. He may have just had a meeting and said no thanks.

Jay-Z in the Video Game Business? Maybe! [The Koalition]

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