To: Luke
From: Owen

By far the highlight of my week back in the Bay Area came Tuesday night at Beckett's pub in Berkeley. My team of six - three of us from Columbia, so suck on that, Cal - cleaned up the weekly trivia contest and took the jackpot. I'm happy to report that there are six feet in a fathom and DC is "600" in Roman numerals, two of the questions our side took in a six-of-seven final round to win by two points.

Beckett's then runs a random-number jackpot at the end of the game, I guess to make sure those who use smartphones to look up answers mid-contest don't get paid. It increases by $25 each week it isn't claimed. Our prize was $175, which means we took nearly two months worth of money. I forget what we bought with it, but if I've forgotten what we bought then it must have been beer.

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