Looks like someone with an early copy of Mass Effect 2 has skipped straight to the money shots, digging up four steamy-yet-clothed scenes involving male Shepard and three of his office conquests.

Update: The blog Empire State Gamer found these originally. Commenter ItotheCtotheE found three of 'em up on YouTube. The one above is probably the best, it's Shep knocking boots with Miranda Lawson in the engine room. She partially strips down to her astro-bra; anything else happens off camera.

Second Update: Predictably, EA had all this stuff taken down from YouTube. However, it is available elsewhere, without much enterprising. I don't want to jeopardize another video.

The next two, Shepard gets it rough and then tender with Subject Zero. The first sequence is darkly lit renegade sex, and it practically begs for a headboard slamming into a wall.

The second is paragon booty, and it's kind of creepy.

But here's Shepard sharing some feelings and then some cold, clinical Quarian-lust with Tali'Zorah. I wonder what she's got goin' on under that Cobra Commander facemask. Hot or not?

The videos were originally found at the link below.

Major Sex Scenes Unlocked [Empire State Gamer, thanks SinfulKnight]