To: Luke

From: Owen


Reader Irving M. sent me that. It's like a big bag of Lay's. I can't watch it just once. Bet you can't either.


It's off to E3. By the time you read this I'll probably be in LA. Anyone coming to the party tonight, I will be there in the infamous I Heart Hot Moms shirt from Grand Theft Auto: DUI. Oh yeah, I cosplay myself. Wow, just blew my own mind there for a second.


Here's some highlights from the weekend of tomfoolery that was:

Microsoft Announce 60GB 360, Confirm 20GB Price-Cut

Super Chuck Norris Bros. - Wait, This is *Real*?

Rock Band 2 Gameplay Trailer

Predictions on the Future of Gaming

Game Marathons: Fad, or Going the Distance?

Why Korea Matters: Learning from Difference


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