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Super Chuck Norris Bros. — Wait, This is *Real*?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This is is a story in two parts. The first is how insanely hilarious is that video above. Every time I think of Chuck Norris, I think of Joe Bob Briggs and his tour de force review of Delta Force 2, and that game above deserves its own Joe Bob-style rundown: No breasts. No blood. No mushrooms. One hundred and four dead bodies. Shotgun fu. Chainsaw fu. Flamethrower fu. Shotgunned Koopa. Smoldering Koopa. Flying Goomba. Flattened Goomba. Exploding Flag. Exploding Castle. Exploding coin box. Exploding bricks. Exploding start screen. Gratuitous defoliation. Gratuitous dialog boxes. Drive-In Academy Award nominations for visual effects for loss of entire raster lines due to overwhelming awesome violence. Four stars. Kotaku says check it out.

I ran this by my Dad, also a Joe Bob fan, and he agreed this had to go up pronto: "The commenters will put up their own Chuck Norris facts too," Dad said. "Like: Chuck Norris finished The Bourne Conspiracy."



OK, part two. This all looked a little too complex for me to think it was simply a well done movie. And lo and freaking behold, I think I'm right. As this video went around this week, Ripten found that there is indeed a Super Chuck Norris Bros. demo for the PC. And goddamn if I don't feel like buying a copy of Windows just to play this sucker. Ripten vouches that the download is virus free. Someone grab it and tell me what I'm missing.


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