While Leveno moves forward with its version of Kinect, China Telecom showed its version of the Nintendo Wii. And did it with Xbox 360-esque green and white.

The China Telecom console is called "Tigan Youxi" ("Somatic Gaming") and is an add-on service for its Internet Protocol television. It will be available for a monthly subscription fee of around 30 yuan (US$4).

At the 2010 P&T/Wireless & Networks Comm China, there was a playable demo for a ping pong game. The demo kiosk looked similar to the kiosks Microsoft set up at the E3 gaming expo and the Tokyo Game Show.


While the console features motion controllers like the Nintendo Wii, it is not intended to be a stand alone game console. "It is not meant to compete with other gaming systems. And it's not as complex as those products," a spokesperson told PCWorld.

In China, video game consoles are largely banned, save for plug'n play type devices.


China Telecom's Tigan Youxi is not to be confused with the Vii, a Nintendo Wii knock-off that went on sale in 2007.

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