We've heard that Street Fighter IV has sold out in Japan. While we don't doubt for a New York minute that the game is selling well, but sold out in Japan? Like all of Japan?

Over the weekend, website CheapAssGamer did the detective work and discovered that the game is readily available at his local Japanese retailer TSUTAYA. The game was and is also available at retailer Yodobashi Camera. Click here to check the PS3 version's availability. (在庫あり means "in stock", and he blue circle means "yes.")

However! The Xbox 360 version of the game is sold out at Yodobashi Camera. That's only one retailer, however, and does not mean the Xbox 360 version is sold out at every store in Japan.

On this past Friday, Saturday and Sunday, CheapAssGamer went to approximately seven stores (Yamada Denki, Enterking, Toys R Us, etc.) in the greater Tokyo area — all of them had SFIV in stock.


Japan's got lots of stores, so to sell out in Japan isn't easy. But hey, like we said, we don't doubt that SFIV is doing very well. And yes, games do sell out in Japan — most Pokémon for example. But it's not always a mark of smash hit success, but often, simply a supply underestimate, and it should not always be used as a yard stick for sales. That's what the weekly sales figures are for.

More pictures and details in the link below.

Reports of Street Fighter IV Sell Out in Japan Greatly Exaggerated [CAG]