Last year, Atari announced it had buddied up with Rez HD and Lumines creators Q Entertainment for a pair of projects: the Live Arcade cash-in comp Qubed and the enigmatic "QJ." Where are they now?

Well, Qubed is still listed as a to be released title at retailers like GameFly. But QJ hasn't made a peep since its announcement as a Wii title. And given recent developments at Atari—including its pull out of E3 2009 and a last minute publisher switch on Ghostbusters for Europe—we're getting a little worried.

Add to that recent chatter from Q Entertainment co-founder Tetsuya Mizuguchi who indicated on his personal blog that he'd had to cancel a new project due to an unspecified "financial crisis" and we start e-mailing people


Unfortunately, multiple emails to Q Entertainment and Miz himself have gone unanswered. And Atari's issued us an official "no comment" about the status of QJ. That might be interpreted as a bad sign.

Siliconera dug up a recent news tidbit about QJ, which apparently licensed a BT and DJ Tiesto track for the game. But that was back in March. So we don't know what to think.

Fortunately, we never actually saw anything concrete on QJ. Maybe what we don't know won't hurt us.