Lots graphically intensive games, including Spider-Man, sometimes deploy bespoke but drawn-out animations to slow things down and help mask the load times that are going on in the background. This Fisk tower example shows how gracefully that job can be done, so much so that you probably won’t even notice what the developers have done. Instead, the scene just feels extra cinematic and impactful as the camera tracks Spider-Man webbing his way into one of the upper floors to take down the bad guys.

If recent remarks by PlayStation’s Mark Cerny are to be believed, tricks like this might not even be necessary in the next hardware generation. In a behind-closed-doors demo for Wired, Cerny showed Spider-Man running on an ostensible PS5 with solid state drive technology that appeared to reduce load times to the point where it was possible to fast travel in less than a second and speed across the map at roughly the speed of a fighter jet.