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Indie Studio 'Hates' Its Name, Tries on a Size Five

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"I've always hated the name Zombie Cow Studios," says Zombie Cow Studios' Dan Marshall. "It was a mistake from Day One." So the maker of Privates and Time Gentlemen, Please! is putting in for some new letterhead and business cards with the name Size Five Games on them.


"To me, it felt like the sort of name a try-hard 14-year-old would come up with," Marshall writes on Zombie Cow Size Five's blog. "Arf arf, gore is COOL. Well, it turns out actually cows are stupid."

Marshall said "Zombie Cow" was "awkward to say out loud in front of grown-ups," and that mentions of the company name made his "heart sink every time." Ouch.


"There's no point going through life putting up with something that makes you unhappy if it's completely within your power to change it," he said. So voila.

What does "Size Five" mean? "Loads of things, personally. But importantly: we make the fifth size of game," Marshall says. And as to that, he swears he's been hard at work on a new game. "It's completely self-financed. It's the best-looking thing I've ever put together by far, and I'm extremely eager to show it off," he says. "The first screenshots and info will be out soon-ish, I hope."

Illustration for article titled Indie Studio Hates Its Name, Tries on a Size Five

Formerly Zombie Cow Studios [Size Five Games]

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"Zombie Cow" really banks on the trendiness of zombies, and I hate that. "Size Five" is fine.

So far my most loved names for studios are (in no particular order):

-Double Fine

-Factor Five


As for favorite video game company intro logos... now that would take some serious thinking...