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We may earn a commission from links on this page

I'm With Leathers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Leathers | TAIPEI, TAIWAN: Sony showed off the PS Vita and Shinobido 2 in Taipei recently. (Photo: Game Watch Impress)


Inside a Chinese Hacking Den

Located in a South China shopping mall, this shop doesn't merely "fix" consoles. It fixes them so they can run pirated games.
Common throughout the country, the "Chinese pirates hacking den", as website China Underground called it, specializes in flashing (modding) Xbox 360 and hacking consoles... More »


Erox Is Supposed To Get Gamers Laid, But Somehow We Wound Up Discussing Armpits

In the interview above, the America's Top Model winner and PlayStation The Tester star Adrianne Curry tries to sell our own Stephen Totilo on her new pheromone-infused fragrance aimed at gamers. More »


A Crazy, Paranoid Story From Red Dead Redemption's Development

A Red Dead Redemption fansite has been holding court with some interesting interviews lately with the Western's cast, and the latest - with Rob Wiethoff, voice of John Marston himself - is no exception.
Wiethoff makes Rockstar, who we normally assume to be a slightly eccentric, paranoid bunch,... More »


From Mecha Girls to Mecha, Fancy Frontier Had It All

A Japanese cosplayer wearing a NSFW costume grabbed all the headlines at the recent Fancy Frontier event in Taipei. But that wasn't the only game, I mean costume, in town. More »



Truly Nerdy Snow Sculptures

The Taj Mahal built in snow? Aizuwakamatsu Castle? Taiwan's National Palace Museum in ice? Meh! (Okay, all these are pretty cool, but stick with me.) The Sapporo Snow Festival isn't only frozen famous landmarks, it also showcases some of the geekiest snow sculptures on Earth. More »


Valve & Bethesda Release Official Portal 2 Mod...For Skyrim

To commemorate the opening of Skyrim's fancy new Creation Kit on Valve's Steam service, Bethesda and the creators of Portal have teamed up to release an official mod. More »


The Dating Secrets of Your Favorite Video Game Characters

Nathan Drake has recently purchased a new MacBook, after talking to several of his friends about it for several weeks. He has done more discussing the MacBook than he has actually using it, and secretly he enjoys causing the icons to sort of ‘pop' along the bar at the bottom of the screen more... More »


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