A Crazy, Paranoid Story From Red Dead Redemption's Development

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A Red Dead Redemption fansite has been holding court with some interesting interviews lately with the Western's cast, and the latest - with Rob Wiethoff, voice of John Marston himself - is no exception.


Wiethoff makes Rockstar, who we normally assume to be a slightly eccentric, paranoid bunch, sound incredibly eccentric and paranoid with the lengths they went to keep the game's development a secret.

I got the part at a very weird audition. It was weird, mostly, because everything had to be so secretive and I really had no idea what I was even reading for. Also, it was a last minute audition where I had to be there as soon as I could.

My agent told me where to go and that I was reading for an "untitled video game project". She said that she thought it was some kind of promo for a game or a game console. It was pretty annoying to get a call for a last minute audition and not know, entirely, what it was for. I almost didn't go. Ha! I'm very glad I did. Of course, I go to all the auditions I get unless they really are something that I'm not interested in being a part of. Some are just easier to make it to than others. This one was not one of the easy ones to get motivated about. How could I? I didn't even know what it was.

I got to the place that was holding the audition and saw a bunch of guys dressed in camouflage. At first, naturally, I thought it had to be for some kind of Army game or something. As soon as I got the material, I learned that I wasn't reading for anything that had to do with the Army at all. I still didn't know exactly what was going on, but it worked out. None of us knew what we were reading for/had read for, in fact, until we showed up for the first day of rehearsal.

Crazy, yeah, but if that's the kind of crazy that gets you games like Red Dead Redemption, it's a shame it's not the kind of crazy that's contagious.

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It's too bad they are vomiting out another GTA that features a city they have featured in at least TWO of their other games, one of which was another GTA.

Besides Mass Effect 2, RDR has been one of the only games I have been compelled to drill through in as little time as possible because of how beautiful it was.

Unfortunately GTA's console fidelity is put into the breadth of the environment rather than the attention to detail in said enviro. If they could make a GTA game that looked as good as RDR, I may come back to the franchise. Unfortunately, the GTA's have been pretty BLAH imo as of late.