id Resurrects "Next-Gen" Doom On iPhone Next Week

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Quake developers id Software are very fond of Apple's iPhone as a gaming platform. The first-person shooter focused id has already released Wolfenstein 3D Classic and is planning double the Doom, including a scaled down semi-remake of Doom III.

Next week, id Software will release Doom Resurrection, a new iPhone and iPod Touch game profiled by Venture Beat. According to details on the first-person shooter, expect a "next-generation" level of 3D graphics from previous iPhone games.

id's John Carmack calls Apple's phone platform a "real game platform" and has his own Doom, dubbed Doom Classic, in the works. Doom Resurrection development was handled by Escalation Studios, which, with Carmack's help, got the game up and running at 30 frames-per-second in six months.


Look for it to hit next week, with a Kotaku review to hit soon after.

Next-generation iPhone game Doom Resurrection debuting next week [Venture Beat]

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Doom for the iphone actually plays pretty well. Carmack let me play a few mins of it at project A-kon. Looks smooth, and had some awesome features for a cellphone game.

Carmack actually talked at length about iphone development at the con. He's a major fan of the platform, seems to let him get down to work quickly and easily. He's literally coding in his spare time while not working on Rage and stuff like Doom 4.

Id also seems to like it at as a whole. Aprently they even hired a guy on the basis that he solo wrote an iphone app. Makes me wonder what else they have in store. Well, besides the platformer he wants to make.

And yes, I asked about Keen. He talked a bit about it, but wouldn't say if they would be making any iphone/xbl/psn/etc Keen games, but he did admit it was their platformer series of note. Also mentioned he didn't think there is as much a market for retro PC platformers like there is for retro console games.