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To: Luke From: Owen Plus 100 crimebucks to the first commenter who provides the next line of the Frank Sinatra/Stevie Wonder duet. And the line after that, if you're feeling brave. So my living room got a little more multiracial this weekend. No, not the black/white thing, the fact that I now own an imported Japanese PS3. Bet your ass it's the one that goes on the enclosed shelf in my entertainment center. At least it has a failover heat sensor. I learned my RRoD heat-dissipation lesson back in March. As soon as I finish this up I'm gonna start jamming on Lego: Batman and dissing the graphics as far inferior to a 360. Seriously, they are. When your $7 HDMI cable is on backorder and you have to play with the included AV cable, they absolutely are. I'm gonna cut some comparison videos while I wait for the delivery. Everyone besmirched me for the obvious joke about ripoff cables, and then my choice of football kits. That was a gift from a friend overseas actually. If I do follow a club in the European domestic leagues, it's Fiorentina out of Serie A, presently one point back of the Terremoti after defeating Palermo 3-1. This weekend's highlights: Guitar Hero World Tour Facing Drum Issues? Fallout 3 Ads Make DC Metro Rider's Butt Hurt Because Zombies + Anything = More Awesomer Fable II Abbot Glitch Now a "Matter of Priority" Wii Stolen; Nintendo Replaces More than 250 WiiWare/VC Games Is This Why Fallout 3 Won't Be Released in India? Owen's Swrrt Merch: Caveat Emptor


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