At the end of a nearly 13 minute interview, Peter Travers, the eminent film critic from Rolling Stone asks Josh Hutcherson, who plays Peeta in current box office smash The Hunger Games to sing the song currently on his mind. OK, Hutcherson says, just one problem: The song has no lyrics.


For some reason, the world 1-1 and 1-2 themes in Super Mario Bros. have been Hutcherson's nagging earworm during the release week for this film, when you'd think folks would have something else on their minds. But there it is. I'm surprised he didn't add in the coin box jingle-jangle and the fireball throw, sounds that come almost instantly after dropping down the pipe to 1-2.

Hutcherson was born more than six years after Super Mario Bros. released in both the arcade and for the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America.


Josh "Sings" Out the Super Mario Brothers Theme Song For Peter Travers [Hunger Games DWTC]

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