Barrell-chested | Pixel artist Yuriy Gusev and his pal James Chung present this shot from a game concept that's sadly no more. (Image: Fool | Pixel Joint)

Should You Buy Batman: Arkham City's Nightwing Bundle Pack? No.

The rather wonderful Batman: Arkham City will, thanks to its wealth of extra-curricular content, still be spinning in many people's disc drives this week. More »

Check Your Emails, Dota 2 Beta Invites are Being Sent (But not by me)

Yesterday, it was announced, and today, it is happening: Valve is ramping up the numbers of participants in the Dota 2 beta.
If you took part in the survey, go check your email and then, more importantly, check your spam folder. More »



Watch Men Recreate Insane Metal Gear Solid Gun Tricks

In Metal Gear Solid 3, there are a few points where Ocelot hits the ridiculous button and spends an eternity spinning pistols like a cowboy in a beret. More »


Rainbow Moon is a Strategy RPG, Coming to PSN Next Year

Fans of old-fashioned strategy role-playing games, who also own a PlayStation 3 that's connected to the internet, might be in for a nice surprise next year, with the arrival of PSN-exclusive Rainbow Moon.
Featuring gorgeous isometric visuals and a playtime the developers reckon is anywhere from... More »

Sadly, That Wasn't Ray Liotta Narrating the GTAV Trailer

Given the fact there's an old white guy in the Grand Theft Auto V trailer, and people want it to be Vice City star Tommy Vercetti so damn much, lots of folks thought/hoped the narration of the clip was being performed by Ray Liotta.
Liotta being Vercetti's voice actor in Grand Theft Auto: More »



Kid Denied Pokémon Cards, Completely Freaks Out

Some Yu-Gi-Oh fans were in their local Toys R' Us when they spotted a kid reacting...poorly to his mother's decision to not let him buy any Pokémon cards.
So they did what any group of semi-grown men would have done seeing such a thing: More »


Uncharted 3's Guns Aren't Broken, They're Different, Say Devs

Now that people are playing Uncharted 3, people are finding that the game's guns don't quite work the way they used to. Leading many to head to forums with complaints.
In response to these issues, which concern both how you aim and how your gunfire is represented on-screen, developers Naughty Dog... More »

Battlefield 3's Doors Don't Even Need Hinges

One of the most memorable things I saw in the last Call of Duty game involved a door and some hinges. One of the most memorable things I've seen from the last Battlefield game involves a door.
But these men don't need hinges.
Or are they ghosts?
Vengeful spirits of a Middle-eastern conflict... More »



Treasure Yasushi Suzuki's Art From Games Like Ikaruga, Sin & Punishment

While not a games artist per se, seeing as he does work for everything from books to comics, Yasushi Suzuki still has his fans in the world of video games. More »

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