Uncharted 3's Guns Aren't Broken, They're Different, Say Devs

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Now that people are playing Uncharted 3, people are finding that the game's guns don't quite work the way they used to. Leading many to head to forums with complaints.

In response to these issues, which concern both how you aim and how your gunfire is represented on-screen, developers Naughty Dog have issued more than a "no comment". They've issued a full-blown technical rundown on Uncharted 3's shooting mechanics, detailing that the system isn't broken, it's just different.

Guns now have more recoil, targeting has changed, enemies move differently and some weapons now have altered accuracy.


If you've got the game already and are finding things a little changed, you can read the specifics on the game's alterations at the link below.

A look at gun mechanics in single-player and multiplayer [Uncharted]

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The number one thing I'm upset about is all the changes to the controls in this game. Why is shoulder swap disabled by default? I used that all the time in first too games, and I doubt I'm the only one. Why does aiming feel floppy and all over the place compared to 1 & 2? Why, if I play the game on "Normal" am I feeling far too overwhelmed, as if I'm playing on Nightmare? It might just be the controls doing this too me, but it feels like ND forgot to play test the single player, and only focused on multi player, something I'm not in Uncharted for, whether it's good or not (I don't care about multi player in any game).

The first too games, I only got frustrated near the end of them on first play through. Monsters at the end of both of those games had a different tactic than enemies, and I died so much having to learn how to change up my tactics on them to survive.

Uncharted 3 feels like every battle is hassle. The armored guys in this game on "Normal" don't fall for much, even if I manage to hit them in the head multiple times (which is hard since the sticks don't respond as well as they did in 1 & 2), that nothing short of an overly long fistfight brings them down, which leaves me vulnerable to every single other guy to spot me and hit me from all the way across the set. It's frustrating and annoying as hell.

I can't even sit down and compare if I think Uncharted 3 is better than 2 because I'm getting such a bitter taste in my mouth over a lot of the gunfire game play. Right now I'd have to say "significantly worse", no matter what I think of the story. Games are supposed to be fun, damnit! I shouldn't feel compelled to switch to "easy" at nearly every large battle in the game (which seems to happen five feet after the last one).

EDIT: Also, what the hell is up with Elena's eyes? Did someone look at the model and say "Let's make her more Asian?" And then forget even what any sort of Asian eyes look like and just virtually punched her in the face multiple times until she didn't look the same? I can't be the only one who noticed it, and my wife, who only watches me play for Drake and Elena, is also freaking out over the need to change the model. Her eyes are atrocious!