Hey, Britain, Maybe You *Are* Getting The Gun Metal Gray PS3

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Heh. Oops. Looks like you might be getting that "gun metal gray" limited edition PlayStation 3 after all, European friends. That's according to Play.com who says that they're getting the exclusive bundle—featuring the uniquely colored PS3 with a 40GB hard drive and a copy of Metal Gear Solid 4—which conflicts with a report we read at GameSpot last night. We're not sure how this could possibly be miscommunicated, as GameSpot UK says it confirmed with Konami that there would be no such package. We're confused too.


The Play.com exclusive MGS4 bundle rings in at £329.99 and is listed as scheduled to ship on June 12. Let's just hope the Play.com doesn't buckle under the traffic like some other online outlets did.


Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Gun Metal Grey Console + 40GB HDD + MGS4 (Play.com Exclusive) [Play]

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Uh!? Dammit, now what do I do with all my "I live in Euroland and deserve the same rights as everyone else" hatred towards Sony!?

Hmm... it's still packaged with the Six Axis instead of Dual Shock 3? Sweet, my hate endures!