MGS4 Limited Edition PS3 Bundle Ordering Shockingly A Huge Disaster

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One might think that after the registration disaster that was the Metal Gear Online beta sign up process that Konami would be well prepared for the pre-ordering onslaught that awaited them today. Surprisingly, it wasn't, resulting in what can be be described as a clusterfuck of massive proportions as many gamers attempted to order their Metal Gear Solid 4 limited edition PlayStation 3 bundle.

In addition to tacking on a $500 insurance charge—which we're told is mandatory and refundable, though we can't confirm right now—we've yet to read of a single successful check out for the "gun metal" version of the console. As of right now, the Konami store is throwing a 503 error, most likely due to the heavy volume of MGS4 fans trying desperately to buy their PS3s.


Anyone out there lucky enough to secure one yet? Thanks to the many tipsters who sent this one in.

Update: It appears that Konami may have dropped the $500 insurance charge and that pre-orders have temporarily ceased. The Konami online store asks customers to "Please check back tomorrow (May 20, 2008), when we will make available more stock for pre-orders."

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Glad I decided to skip over this one. Konami dropped like a brick in my book. Can't wait for them to show up in Gamestops and Walmarts for a "special sale" price.

And as to why the 80GB bundle is not preorderable is because Sony can't guarantee the retailers how many they are going to make. So retailers don't want to take the chance and take dozens of preorders when there's a good chance they would only get five consoles and risk pissing off even more people after they got screwed with this $1000 system.